The core team’s equipment in inventory is the following:

– Industrial femtosecond pulsed laser (Onefive Origamy XP, NKT Photonics, Denmark)

– Laser scanner head (intelliSCAN 14, SCANLAB, Germany)

– 3D printer (Original Prusa I3 MK3S+, Prusa, Czech Republic)

Besides, the team has its disposal the following devices at the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation:

– Nanosecond pulsed laser Nd:YAG (New Wave Research; Gemini 15Hz), 10Hz, 10ns.

– Nanosecond pulsed laser Nd:YLF (Litron Lasers; LDY300 PIV Series), 2 kHz, 150 ns.

– Dionex Ultimate 3000 liquid chromatograph with UV/Vis detector

– Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer ICP-OES OPTIMA 2100 DV, Perkin Elmer

– Mass spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma (HPLC)- ICP-MS NexION 3000D, Perkin Elmer

– DIONEX ICS-90 ion chromatograph

– Varian CP-3800 gas chromatograph with an autosampler (mass and FID detector)

– Zetasizer Nano ZS – ZEN3601 with MPT-2 autotitrator

– CPS disc centrifuge (DC24000UHR)

– UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Lambda 35, Perkin Elmer

– iN10 MX IR microscope with iZ10 FTIR secondary sampling space

– FT-NIR spectrophotometer Spectrum One NTS Perkin-Elmer

– Thermo Scientific DXRxi Raman imaging microscope (Nicolet CZ)

– Cintra 202 UV-VIS spectrophotometer

– Thermo Gravimetry Analyzer- TGA Q-500 (TA instruments)

– Scanning Electron Microscope (Carl Zeiss ULTRA Plus, OXFORD Instruments)

– X-ray powder diffractometer (Eigenmann GmbH)

– Atomic Force Microscope JPK Nanowizard III

– Gas sorption analyzer (Autosorb® iQ, Quantachrome Instruments).

– Nucelar Magnetic Resonance spectrometer (JNM-ECZS NMR, Jeol)

Finally, as the Femto-Nano group is an active member in the program NanoEnviCz, which integrates the infrastructure facilities of Czech research organizations for the research in nanotechnology sciences, we have open access to the services and equipment listed in the following webpage: